Sunday, November 06, 2005

TomanBay: You shouldn’t have annoyed yourself

TomanBay, After reading this creature’s words, I wont specify him as a human, I believe you have bothered yourself for nothing. This creature is what Allah has said describing them as the one who suffer and been tortured on earth because of his actions, and will be returned to Allah to be tortured once more. A creature like him should be like the one who made the Ox “El 3egle” while Mosses was talking to and learning from Allah on “Gabal El Thor”, his punishment was to be untouched (physically).

This creature should be ignored, he is just a parasite who believe that freedom of speech has given him rights that he neither deserve nor appreciate. His ignorance has made him believe that he is something in the world, although he is just nothing. He thought that as he is against the Islam, the Marvelous, Wonderful, and Complete religion, he will gain some audience, however, he lost his life and death.

TomanBay, your words did gave him some humanity that he didn’t deserve. Describing him as a stereotype and not objective and talking about the dilemma of free speeches was inappropriate because you are just considering him as a human, although he is not, and his words as something meaningful, as they are not. TomanBay, I have always appreciated your blogs, but this time, I am really frustrated from you. In fact, I am also frustrated from the Egyptian State security (Amn El Dawla) because it detained this object. To arrest anyone is just a confession that he is human, and this thing is not.

He is ignorant, stupid, careless, atheist, loser, and all whatever negative adjectives you will ever think about.

What is more frustrating is the stupid rash for the right of freedom of speech. I can say “To hell is freedom of speech if it is going to attack our religion”. I am not stubborn or closed minded, like you, but my belief is that we need to have one solid base in order to build our thoughts upon it, we need to have some reference in order to have an ideology, but if we lose such base, our thoughts and blogs will just be an ashes in the wind. I also believe that the best base and reference one can depend on is his/her religion, regardless what it is because it covers the life and death, the private and public, the beginning and the end. We don’t need to sheer up for everything the western society throws in our faces. The west has got other bases and references that they do well with them, but we have a stronger and better one, PLEASE DON’T waste it.

TomanBay and Amn El Dawla, you really mistreated this creature by considering him as a human that should be reacted with and against him.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Start by Yourself

In the Egyptian society, the (Start By Yourself) norm is overwhelming and dominant. If you fed up from your life, or hated your country, or outraged from your neighborhood, or get bored from your president (in the work, of course), or got worried upon your future; and you went and asked a wise man about what to do, the predicted answer will always be: Son, start by yourself. Be Nice, and you will find the world nice.

This answer, as anyone might see, throws all the balls in your pitch. It implies that everything is your responsibility, and it is also yours to enhance and improve the situation, just by starting with yourself. This norm has grown widely inside the Egyptian society, everyone of us is now living with the feeling that he should start with himself in order to help the country; yet, no body does anything.


Ok, lets think about the following sequence: In order to initiate and start something, you need to feel responsible and be aware of the problem, and have a suitable space and freedom to work. The responsibility comes from being proactive, while awareness arises from proper education, and Thanks God, Egypt is deprived of both. Accordingly, Egyptians are not capable to start with themselves as they don’t have the qualifications to do so. However, this is not the end of the story, I believe that having such attitude in one’s mind, an urge for doing something, which arises from the widespread norm, and being unable to do it, will create a sense of incapability, and a feeling of guilt, making everyone feels that if he can’t start changing, he should not ask anyone to do start.

What will be the end result? No one is doing anything, and not expecting any questions or inquiries about his laziness. This attitude is everywhere, starting with the government, which say that everything is people’s responsibility, starting from over population to the Arab Israel conflict; to the people, who see the government as the origin of all evils. Yet, no one is ever daring to question the other.

What will be the end result, it will be the mess of a country we are living in…

El Zeni

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Needed Chancellor

The Federal Republic of Germany announces its need for a Chancellor who enjoys the consent of the majority of the people of Germany.

The candidates, who believe in their abilities to handle the responsibilities of the position, are kindly asked to submit their resume with an appropriate cover letter, describing their past accomplishments and their future plans to the official site of the German Parliament:

Best of luck to all applicants,
The Bundestag

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Katrina, Rita, and Others…

How did the Egyptians dealt with the hurricanes and tornados hitting the southern coasts of the United States? What was their perceptions towards such natural disasters?

In order to answer these questions, we should first know, or at least try to know or find out what is the nature of the relation between the Egyptians and the US, how do the Egyptians look to the United States?

Although this might seem to be an easy approach to answer the above questions; yet, working upon it will confused me more. The relation between the Egyptians and the US is very difficult to define. I believe, it is the same case with many other countries as the US is a sole super power in the world, and for any country dealing with such power should be cautious for not being classified in a certain category.

It is enough to say that the United Kingdom, the country where the sun has set over, and completely forgot it, is being accused to be just a subordinate to the US. The EU, Japan, China, Russia, etc. seem to be suffering from the problem of “Defining the Relations”.

I can see three classifications which define any country’s relations with the US, they are:

1. Real Competitors: Countries which has the factors and the potentials to be a solid and strong entity in front of the US. Germany, with its strong manufacturing and labor base, can be one of the real competitors of the US. China, with its strong population power, can be another example.

2. Not competitor, but marketing for being so: This category contains the countries which don’t have the powers to stand firmly in front of the US; yet, they attempt and work to appear as a real competitors. They are marketing this image world wide. However, such category will depend upon the level of the success of each country in promoting such image. England, as stated above, is a kind of a country that tries to appear as a “Strategic Ally” to the US, and being a decision maker, rather than a decision taker with the super power, but it fails to produce this image successfully. Everyone, I believe, take England as just an extension to the US powers across the Atlantic, not as a separate entity. On the other hand, and on the other side of the English canal, France is working on releasing the image of being a real competitor to the US, although, solely, it can not be as a real one, but it is doing it better, mainly because it is doing this via the European Union, which is heavily supported by Germany, a real competitor to the US. What I mean to say that both England and France are deprived of the powers of being a real competitor to the US, but they deny this fact and work on promoting another picture, whereas UK mess it up, while France succeeds.

3. Subordinates: They are the countries which have taken their decision earlier and bravely announced that they belong to the US. It is a broad category, including many countries from our Arab region, counting Israel.

This last category, I believe, doesn’t imply weakness or cowardness which should be ashamed from. On the contrary, those countries have taken the most important strategic decision in their policies by deciding, just exactly, their real size across the. They also enjoyed many great benefits and rewards, politically, military, economically, etc. for being classified in this category, and this is a smart move.

Returning to Egypt, we will find that it is not classified in any of those categories (Egypt is the lands of miracles, right?). That is because of the opposite directions the Egyptian government and the Egyptian citizen are walking through. After the war of 1973, the Egyptian government has got a decision to be the strategic alliance to the US in the middle east, when president El Sadat has thrown the post war negations in the hands of the Americans, a move which amazed the whole world because of the 180 degree shift from eastern oriented policy to a western one.

Although this rapid and massive alter can be accepted on the political and governmental levels, but the masses has got another opinion. In fact it is not an opinion but a need for a longer time to comprehend such change. This time has never been given to the people of Egypt because of the continuous upheavals occurring in the Egyptian society.

In addition, the continuous and irrational bias of the US to Israel, and the complete and frustrating ignorance to the Palestinian case, has affected the attitude of the Egyptians towards the US.

Therefore, we have a certain society, whose government is working as an ally to the US, and a people who “Dislike the American policy”, a feeling which can be extended to cover America as a concept, especially after the war in Iraq. Such opposite attitudes has affected the Egyptian perception towards the natural disasters hitting America nowadays.

The Egyptian government has sent aid to the victims of the hurricanes (I don’t know from where), and announced its sympathy and regret to what happened. While the Egyptians have seen those tornados as a supreme punishment from God to the enemies of the Islam. They believed that God has listened to their prayers against the Americans and sent these disaster for the Egyptians’ sake.

This double perception honestly reflects the mess happening in Egypt. It shows what kind of a country Egypt has become. Lets make it in bullets:
· For the Egyptian government to send aids to US, is a behavior that I reject because 1) This aid is very briefed and symbolic rather than a solid one, 2) The super power of the world, shall not be that dependant upon an aid coming thousands of miles away its coasts, the Mexican or Canadian one can be of more importance, 3) Egypt is a poor country, whose people are suffering from lack of food, medicine, education, etc. for God sake, any aid should be allocated better, and finally 4) No one can buy the fact that a developing country in Egypt is helping the US, it doesn’t make sense.
· For the Egyptian people believing that this is a God’s punishment is a clear ignorance and weakness. What have the Egyptians did to be heard by God? We just did nothing in anything. In Islam, we believe that the strong and the capable Muslim is better than the weaker one. Egyptians are week, they are unable to change any form of unjust they face. (The origin of this shall be discussed in another blog.), and they believe that praying to God is just enough to cover their laziness and cowrdness. How come the Egyptians are seeing those hurricanes as a punishment, and they are unable to deal with a diseased black cloud coming every year infecting their chests and lungs. How come the Egyptians be satisfied with those disasters and they are unable to say NO to their ruler, and when they got the opportunity… they missed it.
· The double reaction towards the Hurricane is, by itself, another disaster. How come ONE country release two OPPOSITE attitudes like this? I can agree with a different one, but not a complete different or a contradicting one. Such dual reaction reflects the size of the gap between Egypt as a government and Egypt as a people, and still no one is eager to do something in order to tighten such dangerous gap.

I observed that many countries, the ones that have a certain classification, have got a ONE attitude towards the hurricanes, either a sympathy, a real one, or supporting and aiding, a tangible one, or a complete ignorance, a calculated one. Of course there might be a certain diversification in the attitude, but it is upon the implementation, rather upon the main idea or concept.

How did the Egyptians dealt with the hurricanes and tornados hitting the southern coasts of the United States? I don’t know, it is just an organized chaos.

More is coming ...

El Zeni

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It is just a lack of CONSISTENCY

Why Egypt has become like this?

This question has always occupied my thinking. Through every incident and event, I pass by or observe, I always attempt to find an answer for it. I want to know what happened to Egypt making it the kind of a country we see it today?

Well, as a start, I believe I should first know the real weight of our country. Of course it is not that great and promising one that we were raised believing in it, as a result of the handicapped education system. Also, it is not that anonymous country which is reflected by camels and tents in the American movies.

So where is Egypt exactly? Egypt is just a country whose people and government suffer from a sever lack of consistency. Egyptians have never started a thing, anything, and completed it. The Egyptian history, I believe, is a series of endless events, events that were not ended. This is even related, or shall I say originated and caused by the foreign occupation that Egypt suffered from.

Egypt didn’t enjoy the privilege of having one occupier or conquistador that imposes his plans and ideologies for a long time. The substitution of the occupiers, causing the substitution of the plans and strategies, has made the Egyptian citizen not aware of something called persistence. The different faces, used to invade him every now and then, have planted the feeling of insecure and hesitation in the Egyptian culture. It made it unable to implant a fixed strategy or a policy to live with. It made the Egyptian citizen fond of changing, an attitude which lasted till now.

Thus, the different invaders who passed across Egypt, has deprived the Egyptians of the ability to tolerate a certain plan, or even a feeling or a behavior for a long time. This is a normal outcome, which can be understood. Every time the Egyptians start to accept a certain invader, it is swiftly being replaced, and so on, leaving the Egyptians with immature and instable attitude.

From my point of view, the lack of consistency, has vastly expanded to cover every aspect in the Egyptian life. Egyptians are now incapable to finish whatever they start. They are fond of initiating a new tactics or strategies, and sheer much for them, at the beginning only, and then it is forgotten. I am not here talking about the quality of the plan, this is another story, I am just talking about the quality of being accomplished. This attitude can be found in any field of our life: Sports, we won an Olympic golden medal in wrestling, yeah, lets concentrate upon wrestling, it is our future sport, and then what happened, nothing. No need to know that before wrestling, there were the bodybuilding, handball, swimming, etc. The much nicer thing is the fact that what initiates our concern about a certain sport is just a SINGLE accident which hardly been duplicated.

Beside the sports, we have the Economic sector. Egypt, I believe, is the only country which has adopted three different economic policies in less than fifty years. It started with the socialist solution, in the fifties and sixties, then the open door economy, in the seventies, then the economic reform phase, which is adopted for more than twenty years (come on now, where is the economy, and where is the reformation).

What were the results of this altering? There were no results except the initial upheavals and sufferings caused by the adoptation of the new plan or strategy, but the fruits never been attained.

Again, I am not talking about the quality of each economic plan, or the importance of each game, I am pointing to the inability of the Egyptians to persist upon accomplishing their missions.

As for the political part, we can talk as much we want. From a kingdom, to a military conservative regime, to a “Democratic Constitutional” system. From different political parties, to no parties, to one party, to many dummy parties. From a competitive relation with the Arab neighbors, to a cooperative one, to a no relation situation, to whatever is occurring now. From non biased strategy, to an eastern oriented one, to a western culture direction, etc. The examples are so many making the diversity and inconsistency of the Egyptian political life as a fact as its hot, all year, weather.

Reaching this point, one can assume that I accuse the government, any Egyptian government, to be the reason behind the conditions we are living it now, as it is unable to accomplish a plan to its end. This is not true, my remarks are concentrated upon the Egyptian citizen rather than the Egyptian government, and that’s for two reasons. First, the government is, by definition, a group of Egyptian citizens. Of course, no one can buy this statement as in the last fifty years, the general attitude was to separate between those who rule, and those who are ruled. The attitude which aim to make the rulers as the untouchables, who are different from the others. However, I am talking here about an inherited personality, which is implanted inside the Egyptian culture for a very long time, making all the Egyptians enjoy such talent of inconsistency, regardless their positions.

The second reason for not blaming the governments or the rulers for this situation arises after a simple observation for any Egyptian’s life. If anyone of us observed what is he/she doing throughout the day, we will find that he is a typical inconsistent person. It may be clear for students who neither study nor socializing, the employees who neither work and produce, nor sleep and sneak from the work, to the managers, who neither manage and lead, nor work and enhance the productivity. Everyone of us is unable to accomplish a task, regardless how simple it is. Everyone of us is incapable to do what he is designed to do, we are always fond about altering and going inside but not finishing (please don’t misunderstand this sentence).

So, what is the problem of not having consistency?

The main problem, I believe, is the inability to accomplish anything, regardless how small it is. And since we can’t accomplish one thing, the Egyptians won’t be able to build upon it and start another thing (do you understand anything?)
I mean that in order to develop and proceed, one needs to start doing something, whatever its nature, and complete it. After finishing this task, one shall observe it and work on modifying and developing, and then start working on it. As he has something solid and tangible in his hand, one should start continuing it with another task, which by itself will require another job to be done, and so on. The end result of this is much things being done, which reflects the concept of development. But without even finishing the first task, this cycle wont exist; thus, no development or improvement will occur.

A second problem of the lack of continuity is the harvesting of the negative externalities and the denying of the benefits. Lets’ first agree about the concept which says everything is tough at its beginning, but as you go on, it becomes easier. So, if the Egyptians are fond of starting things, which wont be completed, they only face the hard and tough outcomes which accompany it starting, this difficulties of course have costs and harms. However, the Egyptians don’t proceed to enjoy the benefits of their work, so the result is endless harms and difficulties without benefits or rewards. This consumes and finishes the different resources we have, as they are never being renewed. Think about the difficulties Egypt faced during the implementation of the socialist system, about the nationalization of many successful profiting companies, and from the escape of the capital outside the country, and just as the public sector has started to mature, the open door economy came to crush it, side by side with the poor under the market price which lead to the riots of 1977.

The final problem of the lack of consistency is the absence of the economy of scale. There is no efficiency in our work as we don’t know how, when, and why will we finish it? We don’t have any predefined module, in any aspect of our lives, to follow, because nothing in the past fits our present, as we are always altering. Therefore, we are not efficient or productive in our work as we always start from scratch.

This may be why Egypt has become the country we are seeing it now.

More is coming … Hopefully

El Zeni